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Modernist Malhivern wild terracota vase

Modernist Malhivern wild terracota vase

Modernist vase made of wild terracota clay from the Malhivern forest (La Garriga, Barcelona). Fired twice, once in a manual gas kiln to 1050ºC in an oxidation atmosphere for 9 hours and lastly in a pitfire with holy oak wood for 3 hours.  This piece has been decorated with sculpted details inspired by the Catalan modernism (art nouveau) from the early 1900s.  La Garriga (where the clay comes from), has various examples of modernist arquitechture which is characterized by the predominance of the curve over the straight line, by rich decoration and detail and by the frequent use of vegetal and other organic motifs. 


Height: 20 cm.

Diameter: 19 cm.


Malhivern wild terracota clay was collected in a respectful way with the environment. Small amounts were extracted from low erosion risk sites, and without any landscape and ecological impact. Once gathered it was sieved in the studio to remove stones and roots. 


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