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Overfired Malhivern terracotta vase

Overfired Malhivern terracotta vase

Wild clay vase deformed during the firing. This vase is made of wild terracotta clay gathered from the Malhivern forest (La Garriga, Barcelona). After sieving the clay to remove stones and roots I created this piece with the coilbuilding technique.  The angular shape of the form was disrupted by the effects of the fire. As a low fire clay, this local terracotta started to melt down once the pot reached 1080ºC. Luckyly the meltdown was not hot enough to completly melt the vase, so it was just deformed on its base creating a belly shape fold. As a result, the vase can only sit on its side. Thus, this piece is truly special as it represents some of the most precious values of the ceramic process, materials and energies.  Fired in a reducing atmosphere to 1080ºC for 10 hours in a manual gas kiln.


Height: 15 cm

Diameter: 15 cm


Malhivern wild terracota clay was collected respectfully with the environment. Small amounts were extracted from low erosion risk sites, and without any landscape and ecological impact. Once gathered it was sieved in the studio to remove stones and roots. 


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